Filling out Your Profile

Your profile is the gateway to a more personalized C8 Health experience. In your profile, you can set your role, department, rotation, name, and more! The steps below will walk you through filling out your profile for the first time. If you’ve already completed your profile and want to edit any information, follow the directions here.

  1. Log in to C8 Health on the WebApp or mobile app
  2. Select your department in the My Department field
  3. (Optional) Select your current Rotation
  4. Select your profession using the My Profession field
  5. (Optional) Select My Role and Level of Training

My Role specifies your position to tailor your C8 Health experience further. It’s available to physicians, nurses, paramedics, and logistics and operations professionals. 

Level of Training is a similar feature for residents and medical students that lets them specify, as you might have guessed, their current level of training.

  1. Enter your First Name and Last Name in the fields
  2. Press Save Settings

You can edit your profile as needed! Follow the steps here.

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