Changing Your Account's Language

You can change the language of your C8 Health experience both from the login screen and your profile on our mobile app and WebApp.

Good to know: Changing your preferred language on your login page will only update the language used on our login screen. To update the language used elsewhere on our app, when logged in, you will need to update your preferred language using your profile below.

Important: Changing your preferred language will not alter the language of any of your institution's content.

To change the language on your login screen:

  1. Open our WebApp or mobile app
  2. Click the globe in the upper-right corner of your screen
  3. Select the language you would like to use

You can also change your account's language by updating your profile.

Good to know: Updating your account's preferred language in your profile will update the language used on C8 Health for all of your devices.

  1. Log in to C8 Health on our WebApp or mobile app
  2. Open My Profile:

Using our mobile app: On our home page, press the side menu button — it’s in the top left corner. Then tap My Profile

Using our WebApp: Hover over the C8 Health logo in the upper right corner. Then click My Profile

  1. Press the Preferred System Language field to open a drop-down menu and select your preferred language
  2. Click Save Settings

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