Suggesting New Knowledge Items

You can now suggest new links to add to your institution's knowledge base. These new items will be reviewed by an administrator from your institution before being added to C8 Health.

New knowledge items could include:

  • Additional guidelines
  • Videos
  • Diagrams
  • And other helpful resources!

Approved items are instantly accessible to your entire institution on C8 Health, enhancing learning and ensuring your team stays up to date.

Using our mobile app:

  1. Download our mobile app if you haven’t already
  2. Open the app and log in
  3. On your dashboard, tap the Suggest an item button
  4. Follow the correct steps below depending on the type of knowledge and then proceed to Step 5
    • To suggest a new link, select Paste URL and, in the Source field, enter the URL
    • To submit a new file, select Upload a file and select the new file
    • To suggest new photos, select Upload from gallery and select the image(s) you want to include. Then tap Done
  5. Enter a Proposed Title
  6. (Optional) To provide extra information or context, add a Note to administrator
  7. Select Propose this item

Using your computer:

  1. Log In to C8 Health using our WebApp
  2. On your dashboard, press the Suggest an item button
  3. Select knowledge format using the drop-down menu
    1. If Image or file is selected, upload the file(s) using the Drag your items here or click to upload box
    2. If URL is selected, add the link in the Paste URL field
  4. Enter a Proposed Title
  5. (Optional) To provide extra information or context, add a Note to administrator
  6. Select Propose this item

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