Adding Keywords

All items in your knowledge base have optional keywords — tags that make it easier to find relevant items. If your organization has enabled our collaboration tools, you can add keywords to knowledge items.

Adding keywords to items makes it easier for you and others to find the items you're looking for when searching. See the steps below.

On Your Mobile or Tablet Device:

  1. Download our mobile app if you haven’t already
  2. Log in to your C8 Health account on the app
  3. Locate the knowledge item you want to access
  4. Open that knowledge item
  5. Select the Add keywords button near the bottom of your screen. You may need to scroll to the right to see it
  6. Tap a keyword to add it

You can search for keywords using the search bar — tap on them to add them. To add a new keyword, type it into the search bar and search for it. Select Tap to add 'the text' as new keyword.

To remove any new keyword, just tap on that keyword

  1. Once done, select Apply

On Your Computer:

  1. Open our WebApp and log in to your C8 Health account
  2. Locate the Smart Formats document you want to access
  3. Open the knowledge item
  4. Take a look at the current keywords — you can find them in the left column
  5. Type in the new keywords in the field under Missing keywords? You can add them here. Press the enter key after each keyword

To remove any new keyword, tap on the x next to that keyword

  1. Click Add keywords


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