Downloading/Printing PDF Items

Knowledge items are individual documents, links and media within your knowledge base. Knowledge items come in many different forms – documents, videos, pictures, external links, spreadsheets and more!

You can download and/or print PDF knowledge items from our WebApp, and you can also download any knowledge items on your phone for offline access .

Using Your Computer:

  1. Log in to C8 Health using our WebApp
  2. Locate the knowledge item you want to open by navigating your knowledge base or searching for it
  3. Select the knowledge item to open it
  4. Determine if the item is in our Smart Formats document type — if it is, it will have a toggle in the left column labeled "Smart Format"
    1. If the item is in our Smart Formats document type, you can print the original PDF or an updated PDF. If the item has been edited in C8 Health since first being uploaded, the updated version will contain the new changes, while the original PDF will not.
      1. To open the updated PDF version, click on the Smart Formats toggle. Then select Open in a new tab.
      2. If you want to print the original PDF, click View Revision Log in the left hand column. Then select View Original
    2. If the item is not in Smart Formats, you can simply right click on it and select Print or Save as... and follow the prompts. Alternatively, select Open in a new tab — it's near the bottom of your screen — and follow step below
  5. Lastly, Click the Save or Download button in the top right corner

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